Star Wars: The Force Awakens released a Comic-Con featurette that’ll make you cry

I’m having some serious comic con envy lately

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Star Wars is more than a movie, it’s a vessel that instantly transports you back to a specific time period in your life.  When people speak of a romanticism for film they’re often speaking about the movies they grew up with that helped transform them into who they are today.  Star Wars is exactly that for a multitude of people across the globe.  So much so that it’s now taken on a culture of its own.  Which is why when fans (including myself) first heard the rumblings of a new trilogy being made we couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical.  We’ve been burned by George Lucas before with his ill-fated attempt to launch a prequel series that was mostly met with distaste.  Gone were characters with heart, gorgeous art direction. awe-inspiring sets and the sense of magic that kept those first three movies alive.  Instead they were replaced with…

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The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova

This is one of my absolute favorite books! I always highly recommend it.

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I finished reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova last week and I absolutely adored it.

Important to note: I’m generally a fast reader but this book was very meaty and it took me about a month to read, which is three weeks longer than I had expected. I typically read on my lunch breaks at work, so figure 45 minutes to an hour five days a week, plus a few hours in the evenings and on weekends; so a rough estimate puts me reading The Historian in 15-20 hours total. (Expect to renew your copy of this book from the library in order to finish it!)

Not to scare you off of this book! It really was terrific, although a quick answer to “What’s the book about?” is a rather dull “Well, it’s about a man and his daughter who are both researching Vlad Tepes,” which is true, but that’s…

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Lots of changes!

11008385_10152728610631179_3717974064164285695_nI’ve been working towards making lots of changes to my blog. I have decided now that I’ve moved to wordpress to make it more than a blog. It will now be my full website, featuring a lot more than just my blog posts. I’ll start sharing more about my writing as well as my inspirations. I want to bring a little more of my world to everyone. I, also, want to give a little insight on how I am inspired. I think sharing these things might help others find a little inspiration of their own.

There will be some new things added to my website as well! I’ll be having guest bloggers now. My plan is to have at least two of them a month. If you would like to guest blog, please contact me! I will, also, be in support of my fellow Indie authors will be doing blog spotlights, interviews and more! I would love to feature you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like me to feature you or your work! In addition to those things and my normal blogs about life, inspiration, and my writing I will be sharing some of my personal recommendations of things from music to beauty products. I’m already getting started on the new things and have my first guest blogger already lined up! I’m quite excited.

1743474_477675745735007_2411482883235853738_nEven though I am making all of these changes, I am still a writer. Writing is a big part of me. I’m not sure where I would be without it, to be honest. I write because I have an imagination that is always running wild. I write because it is my therapy. I write because it makes me happy. I write because it helps me process my feelings and dreams. I write because it is how I live, by creating new worlds with pen and paper. Being a writer has been who I am for most of my life and I love that I have not let anything take that from me. I do not write for anything but myself and am very happy to be sharing it with the world. I chased my dreams and now live a life without regret because I did go after them. I am living my dreams every day. This is who I am and I would tell a perfect stranger to find out who they are, chase their dreams, and never ever give up on anything that makes them happy.

I honestly cannot wait to share more with the world on this website. There will be more inspiration, more writing, and more of so many things. It’s the start of something new in my life as I sit here listening to Epica and writing. I’m in the process of starting to select the poems for my next poetry collection, Phoenix from the Ashes. I’m also writing with Rayna on Love in Flames, the second volume of The Passion of the Dragon Saga, as I type this. New things are coming and they’re starting now!

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the email newsletter that Rayna Kingston and myself will be doing once a month!