Quick Updates and Announcements!

Things have been rather busy for me but I have no complaints. I feel like life is coming together wonderfully for me at the moment. I have decided to postpone the release of Antidote for the Poison for the time being. I feel I cannot put the time it deserves into it right now. It might possibly release near the end of the year but so far I am seeing that it will be at least 2017 before it is released. I have no doubt that I will be releasing a lot more poetry in the future. It is something that is very close to my heart. I just feel that for now, it would be taking on way more than I should have on my plate to put things together for an April release.

As for my writing, lately the majority of my focus is completely on The Passion of the Dragon Saga. Rayna and I have been working long and hard on the next book and the series. This series is just as close to my heart as poetry. After all, it took years of discussing our thoughts for us to begin writing it. Now after two complete books and with progress being made on the third, it feels like an amazing achievement for us both, something we are both quite proud of to be honest. We, also, just posted an update on the series website you can check out here!

In my last post, I mentioned a fantasy series I had been developing for quite a while. I am happy to share that I am doing a little more work on it. I have been working on developing the history for this world, species by species. For now that’s all I am saying but one day, there will be a title and information on coming books.

I will have more to come about writing and life soon, as well as the posting of my 2015 NaPoWriMo work to this site!


Updates: Back to work on The Passion of the Dragon Saga & More!

passionofthedragonsaga2Rayna & I are back to work on The Passion of the Dragon Saga! Don’t miss out on the updates on the website!

I’m currently working out ideas for the artwork of my next poetry collection while I start choosing the poems for it. It’s a challenge so far but there will be a lot more to come soon as it will be releasing April 6th. I am so excited. I’ve got so many ideas in my head for this as a poetry series to show a journey of healing. Part one of this journey will be titled Antidote for the Poison. I am hoping that showing my journey of healing from dark depression and post traumatic stress disorder will help others who have their own struggles. That is why I share my poetry as each one is a piece of my heart and soul.phoenixfromtheashesfrontcoverfinal

Don’t miss out on the Kindle Free Promotion on my already released poetry collections (Behind the Mask and Phoenix from the Ashes) this weekend, February 5-7! Kindle users, get your copy for free! There will be a Kindle Free Promotion on Hearts on Fire and a Kindle Countdown Deal coming up this month on The Passion of the Dragon Saga novels (Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames). If you want more details, take a look at the series website.

I’ve also been doing  a little work on a Fantasy series I’ve been developing for over a decade now. I’m not sure when I will have more details to share but it’s just something I’m working on every now and then. I do plan on focusing more on it after Rayna and I finish writing The Passion of the Dragon Saga.

Hopefully I will be sharing some more exciting things soon!