A First Look: My In Development Fantasy Series

chosenoneI’ve mentioned a few times that I have been developing a fantasy series. The idea for it first popped into my head more than a decade ago. I have gone through several different stages of developing, including making lots of changes as my original idea evolved into what it has become now. The basics of the story have not changed though. I am creating not just one new world but two. I will tell more about that in another blog. I have been creating histories and characters as I start to majorly build what makes truly makes the story and the realm that it exists in. It’s an extensive project but I am too determined to finish it. I feel like the story in some ways is driving me crazy to be told.

I will be giving more looks into this as time goes on. This is just the first glimpse into a fantasy tale all my own. I am sharing the very opening lines of the entire series. I have tweaked and tweaked these over the years to the point that I am finally happy with them. I am usually nervous to share things like this but it is time I finally bite the bullet. I have no idea as to a title for the series yet, but my plan is to release the first book by the end of 2017.

So here is the first glimpse into my in development fantasy series:

The legends of this land speak of a great war long ago. A war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands. Few people know what really happened all those years ago but more than legend has been passed down, one to another, in my family. To tell the story, I must take you back to the day the darkness fell upon these lands. The day the dawn fell and the shadows grew, leaving a looming darkness.

firstlookadI would love to hear any feedback about this opening piece. Welcome to your first glimpse of the world of Ilysia. This is the world I will be taking you to once the first book is complete. There will be more shares to come as I continue to write and develop this series of books. That is a promise.


*artwork courtesy of Le Fey Designs

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