The Blurb for “A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One)”

The legends of this land speak of the great war long ago, the war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands.

Ilysia is a mystical and magical world that fell into turmoil almost a thousand years ago when a Dark Empress declared that she was now to rule all of Ilysia instead of just the Kingdom of the Dark Fae. The Empress was met with opposition from the leaders of the Humans, White Fae, White Witches, and Elves who were able to prevent her from taking control of little more than half the lands. This unrest lead many Ilysians to flee their homes for a world much different than their own. This world they came to know as Corinthia was modern and filled with technology Ilysians did not know could exist. However, the only magic in this new land was what they brought with them from Ilysia, as they held onto the beliefs and traditions of their home world and passed them down through the generations.

The legends also tell stories of the heir, chosen one, and leader that was born to either save or destroy us all.

One seventeen-year-old girl with a destiny predicted centuries before her birth will hold the power to lead one side or the other to victory that will eternally decide the future of Ilysia and all of its people. There are other Ilysian young adults like her living in Corinthia and training to fight in a war they have all been told will soon come. The line between those that are loyal to the Empress and the Resistance that opposes her has been drawn. They will all soon experience betrayal within their own ranks as a group of young adults on both sides of the fight will learn that they all have a large role to play in the looming conflict over their magical homeland. War is brewing and the fate of an entire world is at stake.


A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) written by Helena Lancaster will release in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle on 28 February 2018 from KCL Publishing. This is Helena’s debut fantasy novel and first solo written novel. A Darkness Awakens is the first book in The Elements of Ilysia Young Adult Fantasy series that Helena has been developing since the age of 15, nearly half of her life. For inquiries about review copies, interviews, etc please contact the publisher (


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