The World of Ilysia: Character Aesthetics (Part 1)

I’ve started making some character aesthetics! I’m going to share the first two now as I’ve previously shared them on social media. First here are the rival fae Queens of the White and Dark Fae Courts. I’ve also added these to the section on the website for The Elements of Ilysia series.

Empress Léla II

Queen of the Dark Fae and Empress of Ilysia

It was her ancestor that first declared this title. She is the current Empress in my Elements of Ilysia series. She’s dark, dangerous, beautiful, and powerful. Her powers are in the element of light. She seeks the prophesied girl so that she can cement her rule and that if her descendants for all time. She also knows she can’t fully rule the land without this girl’s help. There has been rebellion against the Empress from the start. She’s running out of what little patience she has with her rivals and is not one to ever cross. 




Queen Résalyn

Queen of the White Fae

Queen Résalyn is very much the opposite of the Empress. She is a Queen with a heart for her family and her people. She seeks peace and an end to the darkness in Ilysia. Her power is in the element of air and she’s a close ally of the Ilysian Resistance forces in Corinthia. She’s the mother of Princess Kélinae, Princess Janélyn, and Prince Ívyn. Her eldest daughter and heir was born from a relationship with witch John Daesyn. Princess Kélinae left the White Fae court seventeen years ago with the children she shares with William, the newly crowned King of the Human monarchy. She knows her grandchildren were taken to safety but her daughter’s whereabouts is unknown. Résalyn is resolute, strong, wise, and nurturing. She is prepared to do what is necessary as a leader in the coming war. 


I’ve made a few more so there’s much more to come and learn about the worlds of Ilysia and Corinthia. Stay tuned!

The first book in this series is where you can meet these rival Queens. A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) is available on Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle. It’s also on Kindle Unlimited! If you’re a book blogger wishing to review please contact me directly about review copies.

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