Announcement: I have an upcoming feature with Benét Stoen!

The lovely Benét Stoen announced today the authors she has chosen for her upcoming Indie Author Interview series! She has chosen to include me in this series! I’m very excited about this and am working on answering her questions for me now! I’ll share the interview after she posts it on 12 May 2018! It will give a little more insight to me and my work.

You can read her announcement here:

There’s also more aesthetics as well as the posts about the werewolves and humans of Ilysia to share on The Elements of Ilysia series and some website edits on that section to come! Want to know more about the world of Corinthia too? That’s also coming! Rayna and I are also back at work on The Passion of the Dragon Saga! Souls Ignited: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved is releasing 24 July 2018! Also, keep an eye out for the release date announcement for the next book in The Elements of Ilysia series, The Prophecy Unveiled.


Until next time!


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