The World of Ilysia: Character Aesthetics (Part 3)

It’s time to share more of my new character aesthetics! I’m going to share the first two now as I’ve previously shared them on social media. This next group focuses on the two children of Princess Kélinae and King William IV as well as their closest friends. I’ve also added these to the section on the website for The Elements of Ilysia series.

Zak Moore

Biological son of Princess Kélinae and King William IV, Adopted son of James and Katie Moore

Zak Moore was adopted, along with his newborn sister, when he was 17 months old by James and Katie Moore. He and his sister were taken to their adopted parents by John Daesyn, who did not reveal the identity of their biological parents or that he is their maternal grandfather. Born in Ilysia as Rovén, son of William and Kélinae, but raised in the very different world of Corinthia. His mother had taken him and his younger sister from Ilysia to protect them from the Empress. Zak is suspicious of the truth about being adopted and his sister being the one who truly needs protecting. He is someone who loves to laugh and is fiercely protective of his sister Addí. He is also a gifted swordsman whose power lies in the element of water. Zak is said to look very much like his biological father, William, did at 18, even having the exact same dark blue eyes.


Addí Moore

Biological daughter of Princess Kélinae and King William IV, Adopted daughter of James and Katie Moore

Addí Moore was adopted as a newborn, long with her older brother Zak. She had been born in Ilysia as Sínead, the daughter of William and Kélinae. The Oracles at the White Fae Court visited her mother shortly after her birth to say that this newborn girl was the prophesied one they had been waiting on. Desperate to protect her children, her mother took her from Ilysia to the world of Corinthia to keep her safe from the Empress. John Daesyn, her maternal grandfather, is who took Addí and Zak to James and Katie Moore, an Ilysian couple in Corinthia who adopted the children and raised them as their own. Addí has just recently turned 17 and has no idea about her destiny, adoption, or biological parents. She’s a kind hearted and loving young lady who does not believe she’s anything special. She’s also said to be the very image of her biological mother, Kélinae. 


RJ Adamsson

Only son of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson, co-leaders of the Ilysian Resistance Forces in Corinthia

RJ Adamsson is the eldest child and only son of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson. RJ was born In Berdenheim, Gemaronica, Corinthia and spent the majority of his first 18 years there. His parents are close friends with James and Katie Moore and also help to lead the Ilysian Resistance Forces. He grew up with Zak Moore as his best friend and fell in love with Zak’s sister Addí as they grew up. It’s because of Zak that he finally shared his feelings with her and their relationship became more than friendship. He is a fiercely protective friend and brother with a big heart. RJ is a very gifted archer and has been working hard to master his powers with the element of air. He believes strongly in the cause of the resistance and wants to see his true homeland free of the Empress so he and Addí can spend the rest of their lives in Ilysia together. 


Addí and RJ

Their love from Addí’s perspective

She grew up with RJ as one of her closest friends and love grew between them. Addí had always been too afraid to confess her love to RJ despite her adoptive mother and brother both trying to push her to admit it. Growing up knowing of her Ilysian heritage it did not surprise her when she began to see memories of a past life she had lived with him. After RJ came and declared his feelings to her, she finally admitted her own to him then shared what memories she had of their former life together. It was clear they had a strong bond of love from the start, one that will keep them closer than ever through triumph and tragedy. Their souls fit together at one, a bond that will hold them together for eternity. 




RJ and Addí

Their love from RJ’s perspective

RJ has never intended on falling in love with Addí. They grew up together and had always been close though his best friend had always been her brother Zak. It’s Zak that finally gets RJ to go to Addí and admit his feelings. When she returns them, it is the happiest moment of his life at that point. She even shares the memories she has seen of their previous life together and he goes that this one won’t end in tragedy as that one did. Their bond is more than love from the heart. They are connected at the soul. He would truly do anything for her and is her rock through the good and the bad.





Guinevére Adamsson

Eldest daughter of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson, co-leaders of the Ilysian Resistance Forces in Corinthia

Guinevére Adamsson is the eldest daughter and second child of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson. She has recently turned 16 and begun to train for war. Her earlier training had only been in mastering her powers and self defense. Now she’s being turned into a soldier like her older brother and their closest friends. She’s reluctant at first but things will change for her. Guinevére is fierce, strong, and passionate. She has already shown promise with not only a sword but as an archer. Her powers are centered around the element of fire and she can be just as fiery as the element she controls. She’s highly intelligent and still learning to transition into what she’s meant to be. There’s a lot she’s still unsure of but she’s very dependent on her older brother, RJ, for guidance even though she doesn’t want to admit that to him.



I’m still making more of these aesthetics about the characters in the first two books of the series. There’s still much more to come and learn about the worlds of Ilysia and Corinthia. Stay tuned!

The first book in this series is where you can meet and learn about these two lovers, separated but still deeply in love. A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) is available on Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle. It’s also on Kindle Unlimited! If you’re a book blogger wishing to review please contact me directly about review copies.

The World of Ilysia: Character Aesthetics (Part 1)

I’ve started making some character aesthetics! I’m going to share the first two now as I’ve previously shared them on social media. First here are the rival fae Queens of the White and Dark Fae Courts. I’ve also added these to the section on the website for The Elements of Ilysia series.

Empress Léla II

Queen of the Dark Fae and Empress of Ilysia

It was her ancestor that first declared this title. She is the current Empress in my Elements of Ilysia series. She’s dark, dangerous, beautiful, and powerful. Her powers are in the element of light. She seeks the prophesied girl so that she can cement her rule and that if her descendants for all time. She also knows she can’t fully rule the land without this girl’s help. There has been rebellion against the Empress from the start. She’s running out of what little patience she has with her rivals and is not one to ever cross. 




Queen Résalyn

Queen of the White Fae

Queen Résalyn is very much the opposite of the Empress. She is a Queen with a heart for her family and her people. She seeks peace and an end to the darkness in Ilysia. Her power is in the element of air and she’s a close ally of the Ilysian Resistance forces in Corinthia. She’s the mother of Princess Kélinae, Princess Janélyn, and Prince Ívyn. Her eldest daughter and heir was born from a relationship with witch John Daesyn. Princess Kélinae left the White Fae court seventeen years ago with the children she shares with William, the newly crowned King of the Human monarchy. She knows her grandchildren were taken to safety but her daughter’s whereabouts is unknown. Résalyn is resolute, strong, wise, and nurturing. She is prepared to do what is necessary as a leader in the coming war. 


I’ve made a few more so there’s much more to come and learn about the worlds of Ilysia and Corinthia. Stay tuned!

The first book in this series is where you can meet these rival Queens. A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) is available on Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle. It’s also on Kindle Unlimited! If you’re a book blogger wishing to review please contact me directly about review copies.

Ilysian Species: Elves

Countess Mélíava Dávían Eríkassén

Elves are the only truly immortal species in Ilysia and also considered the wisest of all Ilysians. Their society is also the most closed off from the rest of Ilysia. Elves had always been the isolationist type becoming more so at the rise of the Dark Empress. The King has staunchly decided to remain neutral but those that are resisting the Empress are hoping that he does change his mind. Historically they have never involved themselves in the political affairs of Ilysia always believing themselves to be neutral advisors. They are peacekeepers that have served as the guardians of the Ilysian world since its beginning.

Elves are as beautiful as they are wise, though considered the second most alluring in all of Ilysia behind the Fae. They do not hit adolescence until their early twenties, aging much slower than Humans. They reach full maturity in their fifties when they stop aging, with many Elves appearing between twenty-five to thirty-five Human years.

Due to their immortality they are not in a hurry to fall in love and have families. They are considered to be the most patient of all Ilysian species. The only Elves that find themselves quickly moving into marriage and having children are those that fall in love with a Human, Witch, or Fae. Other than those instances, they typically take relationships slowly since they have eternity together, as well as being able to reproduce for several thousand years. They are only sexual when in love and never have casual partners. The pleasures of the body are only for two people in love for the purpose of procreation or pleasure in the Elven culture. There are some Elves who choose lives of solitude to serve their people and the land of Ilysia. These live their lives as warriors, diplomats, oracles, protectorates, and ambassadors. They are allowed to have families but many choose to forego them as they feel they will better serve as solitary Elves.

Elves are considered the wisest species as they are very focused on knowledge and known for taking the time to study things fully. They do not rush into things and believe that knowledge and answers come with time. Elves, also, have a firm belief in careful planning and are typically the most rational of Ilysian beings in all situations. Their advice is sought by many and their wisdom is highly respected.

Elves have a military but its purpose is for defense of their own people and borders. Their warriors are known for being graceful and stealthy, as well as being the best snipers. However, even though they are immortal they are not invincible. Elves can be killed. The toxins released in a Werewolf bite are almost instantly fatal, and their blood is one of a vampire’s favorites, as its taste is comparable to fine wine. These two things alone make them very vulnerable. Death will also find an Elf when it has been stabbed or hit with an arrow in a vulnerable area of the body. While they are resistant to most disease, there are few in existence that can eventually lead to their end.

Book cover showing the first Empress Víkatréa

Elves are tall with fair skin, high cheekbones and light-colored eyes that are either blue, green, or grey. They have a similarly almond shaped eye to the Fae and small to medium sized noses. Their ears have a tall, distinctive point to their ears that will always identify them as an Elf. They either have very fair or very dark hair, with no shade in between if they are pure blooded. As Fae hair tends to fall more in waves and curls, Elven hair tends to fall straight with very little to no wave in it at all.

Elves are a very powerful, magical Ilysian species. They consider their immortality a gift and use it to spread knowledge of all things. Their magic can also be used to forsake their immortality should they fall in love with a non-immortal. As they have always remained neutral, it is unknown whether or not they will truly join in the coming war or not, though there are many on the side of the Resistance working to convince their King to join the alliance they have formed with the White Fae Queen and Human King.

The first novel to take you to the world of Ilysia that I have created in The Elements of Ilysia YA Epic Fantasy series, A Darkness Awakens, will release 28 February 2018 in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle from KCL Publishing. This is the first of a big story I’ve been developing for half my life now. I already know that this world is too vast for just one book series. There are many more stories of Ilysia for me to tell.

The top photo is concept art by Le Fey Designs of: Countess Mélíava Dávían Eríkassén is the niece of King Roánív and Queen Áshíya Víanlóv. She is the daughter of the King’s sister Princess Létya and her husband Prince Doríano Eríkassén, as well as the granddaughter of the former King Ianí and his Queen Célísha. She serves as the Protector of Knowledge at the Elven Oracle Temple, the youngest to ever be awarded the position.

The bottom photo is the cover art by Le Fey Designs. This portrays the first Dark Empress Víkatréa, the Queen of the Dark Fae that declared herself Empress of all Ilysia nearly a thousand years before the events of the first book.

Ilysian Species: Vampires

Sóríya Coménícío

Vampires were the first creation by the dark witches and dark fae during the fae civil war. Their existence was created as a curse upon humans changing them into a brand new species. The curse turned them into living but enhanced beings that were stronger and faster with all of their senses amplified. It also slowed their aging process down making them age at half the rate of a typical human, as they had been initially created to be the elite soldiers of the practitioners of the dark arts. The curse extended their life if they were killed, triggering a transition to an undead state. The undead vampires were even stronger than the living ones but with more weaknesses. All vampires have enhanced sight, smell, hearing, reflexes, agility, and speed with the weakest of these abilities in hybrids and the strongest in the undead.

Living vampires are how most vampires lives begin. They can only be born from the union of two living vampires. They seem almost human and can be killed almost as easily. The living members of the species are also to create hybrids with other species. The child of a living vampire and another species, typically fae or witch, becomes a hybrid of the two species. They are also known to create hybrids with humans and werewolves. There is a weaker version of hybrids that is made by an undead biting a human. However, the human does not become a hybrid until it consumes the blood of an undead. The undead are the most powerful, brought to this form of their life either in death as a living vampire or by a hybrid being turned by another undead. The process of a living vampire becoming undead is simple, the living vampire simply has to die. They will re-awaken within three days as one of the undead unless their entire body is consumed by fire, their head is severed, or heart is removed before this process can occur. A hybrid has to consume the blood of an undead and die with it in their system in order to reach this stage of vampiric life.

All vampires require blood to survive though the ones that are not undead can eat actual food their bodies cannot function properly without the consumption of blood. The lack of blood in a vampire’s diet is known to drive them quite mad. It is the most essential part of their existence. An undead that has not had blood in days, weeks, or even longer will not die but become insane. The same can happen to hybrids and living vampires on a smaller scale, though no vampire can survive on the blood of another vampire. The blood of an undead is poisonous to all vampires with the exception of hybrids. Consuming the blood of Ilysians of the magical races that are gifted with abilities to control and manipulate an element will temporarily gift that vampire with those same power. The undead maintain the ability the longest at two days with the living vampires keeping it for a single day and hybrids for only mere hours. Each species’ blood has different tastes to vampires with fae being the sweetest and favorite. Elven blood is the second most popular and the taste difference between the species is significant enough that powerful undead can tell what species a person is by only a small taste.

Book cover showing the first Empress Víkatréa

The sun is restricting for most vampires. The hybrids are the only ones able to spend an almost unlimited amount of time in the sun with few side effects. Living vampires can express no vampiric abilities in sunlight and too much exposure can make them sick. The undead can only spend small amounts of time in the sun before becoming sun sick without any of their vampiric abilities, overexposure to sunlight is deadly to any and all of the undead. Sunlight in any false form will have the same effect as real sunlight.

With all the power the vampires yield, there is also weakness. All vampires are allergic to silver, with the undead being the most harmed and the hybrids able to tolerate small amounts of the metal. Silver is the most lethal metal to the species and the best way to restrain any vampire. They can be killed by a stake of wood or silver to the heart, loss of their head, or burned alive if already undead and death in any of these manners for a living vampire means they will not rise as one of the undead. All vampires are susceptible to the magic of the other Ilysian species but they also have some magic of their own. Undead vampires have the ability to bespell others with the exception of elves, fae, and other undead. Hybrids that are completely of elf and fae blood also are immune to this undead power, with those that are hybrids of mostly these two species having a resistance but not complete immunity to it. Some vampires are more powerful than others, considered alphas and high ranking within the council that governs them and answers directly to the Empress herself.

All vampires have a porcelain to deathly pale complexion depending on if they are hybrid, living, or undead and sharp canine teeth. The canines of an undead form into very prominent fangs with those of a living vampire being distinctly longer than a normal humans and a hybrids but not as pronounced as an undead. Every vampire, including the undead, still has a soul and an aura that is trapped within them until final death by the curse that brought them to life.

Vampires are a stealthy and quick race created to be master soldiers. They are the elite soldiers of the Empress’s forces, outranking their werewolf counterparts. These creatures that had originally been humans when they were created during the Fae Civil War are crippled by a need for blood that is the biggest side effect of the curse that formed the species. They are governed by their high council, made up of thirteen undead vampires, that answers directly to the Empress.

The first novel to take you to the world of Ilysia that I have created in The Elements of Ilysia YA Epic Fantasy series, A Darkness Awakens, will release 28 February 2018 in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle from KCL Publishing. This is the first of a big story I’ve been developing for half my life now. I already know that this world is too vast for just one book series. There are many more stories of Ilysia for me to tell.

The top photo is concept art by Le Fey Designs of:  Sóríya Mauríen Coménícío is a member of the Vampire High Council that serves as the Chief of Military and Political Relations Envoy to the Witches, Fae, and Werewolves that serve the Empress. This position also has her serve as the ambassador to the Empress’s forces in Corinthia. Sóríya is 884 years old when the story begins and still maintaining youthful beauty. She is older than the Empress and the granddaughter of three former High Council leaders with her only remaining grandparent, Vélíyana Dorésíyen, still serving on the council as the Master and Keeper of Laws. Both of her parents also serve on the council with her mother, Élíşabeth Multévyán, serving as Second in Command of Military and High General of Archery and her father, Érík Coménícío, serving as the Master Chief of Military and Political Strategy. She is the eldest of her parents’ four children and is the only one that is undead. Sóríya took Níkolás Voldáryéan as her partner and together they have three children that all remain living vampires, though Níkolás has joined her as one of the undead.

The bottom photo is the cover art by Le Fey Designs. This portrays the first Dark Empress Víkatréa, the Queen of the Dark Fae that declared herself Empress of all Ilysia nearly a thousand years before the events of the first book.

Ilysian Species: Witches

Lady Anna Corvíanés

Witches are the most similar to humans out of all of the magical species in Ilysia, looking no different than their mundane counter parts on the outside. They go through adolescence around the same age as humans beginning around the age of ten and reaching full maturity at age twenty-one. After this is when they become much different from humans, physically aging three times slower with a life expectancy of about two hundred years. Like humans, they have some of the most varied appearances with skin tones ranging from porcelain to midnight and a multitude of eye colors. Witches are also the only species to have natural red shades of hair, making the color a mark of witch blood in any Ilysian.

Like the Fae, the society of witches is also divided. They split with the Fae over the same issues of ethics with their magic after first attempting to police the conflict with their priestesses. Witches are the chief guardians and rulers of religion in Ilysia, with assistance of the Fae and Elves. When the Fae Civil War split both species down a moral code, it also created another religion across the land that fell in line with those that followed the dark path’s way of living. This path that is considered unnatural was what lead the dark witches along with the dark fae to create the vampires and werewolves during the war. Those that stood with the white fae and labeled themselves as white witches saw themselves as guardians of the balance of nature and life, standing against those that lived by rules that only satisfied the self.

Witch magic is very powerful. It is known that the strongest and most powerful oracles in Ilysia are witches. While there are Fae and Elven oracles, it is the witches that are able to see the threads of time the best. It is rare for an important prophecy to be delivered by an oracle that is anything other than a witch. These special gifts also are the reason that the witches are in charge of protecting the religious history and culture of Ilysia.

Legendary Queens

With witch society being split into the white witches and the dark witches, it also divides how they are ruled. Both societies of witches do have a ruling witches council but they also fall under the rule of another. The white witches are ruled by the human monarchy, which now carries significant amounts of witch blood thanks to several having several witches as Queens. The dark witches are ruled by the Queen of the Dark Fae, who now calls herself the Empress of all Ilysia. The councils oversee the witches but still answer to their chosen King or Queen, as if they are a kingdom within another kingdom. It is a society that is not matriarchal or patriarchal but based on full equality of the sexes.

Witches are powerful allies on both sides of the divide. They carry similar weaknesses to humans, as undead vampires can bespell them. The toxic bites of werewolves are painful and crippling, with the ability to kill them in a matter of days if they don’t receive an antidote. Out of all magical species in the lands, they carry the most similarities to humans. Witches are even genetically like humans. The only differences between a witch and the only mundane Ilysian species are the genetic markers that extend their life and the ones gift them with their abilities to manipulate and control elements. While appearing almost human, witches very much hold their own in the hierarchy of power in Ilysia.

The first book in the Elements of Ilysia series, A Darkness Awakens, will release on 28 February 2018 from KCL Publishing in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle.

Top photo: Lady Anna Corvíanés: Head of Affairs on the White Witches Council and Head of Witches Affairs on King William III’s council. A descendent of Queen Anna the Beloved’s brother Lord Arthur Corvíanés. Concept art by Le Fey Designs

Bottom photo: Legendary Queens concept art (White Fae Queen Maelyn is on the left and Queen Anna from the monarchy that rules the Humans and White Witches on the right) by Le Fey Designs

Ilysian Species: The Fae

Queen Résalyn

The fae are as beautiful as they are dangerous. These wingless fairies are a magical and youthful species. They reach adolescence in their teens, later than humans by several years, but typically starting around age thirteen. Once they reach full maturity around the age of twenty-five they cease to physically age. With a life span of about five hundred years, they have centuries to roam the earth beneath their feet in Ilysia and perfect the craft of their magic. The one thing they never lose is their beauty, as they are also naturally seductive. Fae naturally produce and emit seductive pheromones that will entice any Ilysian species with Humans being the most susceptible and their fellow fae being the least affected by it. They are exotic in their beauty with their slightly olive toned skin, almond shaped eyes, and high cheekbones. They commonly have dark eyes in shades of blue, green, or brown accompanied with either blonde or black hair. Fae stand at a medium height and have slight points to the tips of their ears that is less defined than the points of Elven ears.

However, their history is the most marred of any species in Ilysia. Three thousand years before the first Empress rose to power, the fae found themselves caught in a fifty year long civil war that would seem to forever divide their society. This conflict over ethics and boundaries of magic, also left a divide in the society of witches and saw the creation of vampires and werewolves using magic that is considered unnatural by the White Fae and White Witches. From then on the fae remained split into the Kingdom of the White Fae and the Kingdom of the Dark Fae, with the Queen of the Dark Fae also ruling over the Dark Witches. The Dark Fae focus on power without moral reservation, throwing out the moral codes the White Fae continue to live by and living their lives with little to no rules. Anciently, the fae have a deep respect for nature and the natural order of life, feeling themselves bound to protect it from destruction. The White Fae continue to live by this and are nurturers of the world while the Dark Fae have become the opposite.

Fae society is matriarchal with their ruler being a Queen and her heir always being her eldest daughter or the oldest of her closest female relatives, usually a sister or niece. When it comes to love and sexuality, the fae believe in freedom. They do not require marriage as human society does and only marry if they choose to be with a partner for the remainder of their lives. They do not require love for sex and are known for being sexual, seductively beautiful beings. Fae tend to have at least one paramour before they ever choose to settle down and marry. The current Queen of the White Fae’s heir came from a relationship she had with a witch named John Daesyn before she ever married, making Princess Kélinae a hybrid of fae and witch. Queen Résalyn did later marry a fae and have two full blooded fae children: a daughter named Janélyn and a son named Ivyn.

Legendary Queens

The Fae are known for more than their seductive beauty as they are tricksters, witty, extremely intelligent, full of powerfully potent magic, and fiercely loyal. The loyalty of the fae is not easily given and it must be earned, much like their respect. The fae are also known specialist of potions from medicinal to poisons, being more gifted than Elves with many different herbs and plants. Fae are also strong and agile, making good warriors and even better spies. Many fae train with various weaponry as well as magic, making fae warriors a force to be reckoned with.

Fae do have weaknesses. Their blood is a vampire’s biggest weakness as their blood tastes as sweet as fruit nectar to one. Werewolf bites make them extremely vulnerable as the toxins emitted in the bite are almost instantly fatal to them. All fae and hybrids with even a drop of fae blood are highly allergic to gold, known for burning them or becoming toxic in large amounts. Gold can be used to weaken and even bind a fae. Weapons, potions, and magic will also take the life of a fae.

Fae are beautiful, powerful, and dangerous but not without weakness. It is said that no other species in Ilysia can compete with the fae in terms of beauty. Their divided society has left a lasting mark on Ilysia but it has not stopped either group from continuing on. The White Fae quickly took sides with the Humans when the first Empress first rose to power, showing just how protective and loyal they can be. They are a species that has stayed at the center of all Ilysian history and will remain there for the rest of time.

The first book in the Elements of Ilysia series, A Darkness Awakens, will release on 28 February 2018 from KCL Publishing in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle.

Top photo: Queen Résalyn of the White Fae concept art by Le Fey Designs

Bottom photo: Legendary Queens concept art (White Fae Queen Maelyn is on the left and Queen Anna from the monarchy that rules the Humans and White Witches on the right) by Le Fey Designs

The Blurb for “A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One)”

The legends of this land speak of the great war long ago, the war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands.

Ilysia is a mystical and magical world that fell into turmoil almost a thousand years ago when a Dark Empress declared that she was now to rule all of Ilysia instead of just the Kingdom of the Dark Fae. The Empress was met with opposition from the leaders of the Humans, White Fae, White Witches, and Elves who were able to prevent her from taking control of little more than half the lands. This unrest lead many Ilysians to flee their homes for a world much different than their own. This world they came to know as Corinthia was modern and filled with technology Ilysians did not know could exist. However, the only magic in this new land was what they brought with them from Ilysia, as they held onto the beliefs and traditions of their home world and passed them down through the generations.

The legends also tell stories of the heir, chosen one, and leader that was born to either save or destroy us all.

One seventeen-year-old girl with a destiny predicted centuries before her birth will hold the power to lead one side or the other to victory that will eternally decide the future of Ilysia and all of its people. There are other Ilysian young adults like her living in Corinthia and training to fight in a war they have all been told will soon come. The line between those that are loyal to the Empress and the Resistance that opposes her has been drawn. They will all soon experience betrayal within their own ranks as a group of young adults on both sides of the fight will learn that they all have a large role to play in the looming conflict over their magical homeland. War is brewing and the fate of an entire world is at stake.


A Darkness Awakens (Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) written by Helena Lancaster will release in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle on 28 February 2018 from KCL Publishing. This is Helena’s debut fantasy novel and first solo written novel. A Darkness Awakens is the first book in The Elements of Ilysia Young Adult Fantasy series that Helena has been developing since the age of 15, nearly half of her life. For inquiries about review copies, interviews, etc please contact the publisher (

My Fantasy Series has a title! Plus other updates…

artemisTo start this out, I want to take you all back to the post I did back in July about a Fantasy series that I am working on. I gave an initial introduction to the series along with previewing the opening lines of the first book.

The legends of this land speak of a great war long ago. A war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands. Few people know what really happened all those years ago but more than legend has been passed down, one to another, in my family. To tell the story, I must take you back to the day the darkness fell upon these lands. The day the dawn fell and the shadows grew, leaving a looming darkness.

Now I can say that I finally titled the series! I have decided to tile it The Elements of Ilysia with the first book being titled A Darkness Awakens (The Elements of Ilysia: Volume One) set to be released January 31, 2018! Little by little as I begin major work on this series, I’ll introduce some bits and pieces about Ilysia and the people of the series. This is a world full of magic centered on a battle between the light and the dark, with very clear dividing lines. It’s a land with a rich history, a long history and has known too much war without enough peace. I will be telling a major story first about the war and how this land will find its peace, but I do plan on going back and doing a prequel series that will be known as The Chronicles of Ilysia. There is a lot to this world and this story. I just plan on telling the story I was inspired to tell in my mind before I tell the history.

releaseannouncementnewMy next update involves The Passion of the Dragon Saga. About a month ago, Rayna and I decided to postpone the release of Souls Ignited, Volume Three in the series, from December 12, 2016 to July 24, 2017. It was a difficult decision to make but one that is certainly not regretted. There is still a lot left to tell in the story of Vlad, Erdenia, and Erzsébet. If you have not introduced yourself to this story yet, Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames are available now for Kindle and in Paperback. For more on the change of the release date, check out our latest blog post. Keep an eye out on the series website for more news from Rayna and myself.

I’ve also got other ideas in the works for later projects. I can’t seem to turn my brain off where that is concerned. I’m just trying to focus on one project at a time.

A First Look: My In Development Fantasy Series

chosenoneI’ve mentioned a few times that I have been developing a fantasy series. The idea for it first popped into my head more than a decade ago. I have gone through several different stages of developing, including making lots of changes as my original idea evolved into what it has become now. The basics of the story have not changed though. I am creating not just one new world but two. I will tell more about that in another blog. I have been creating histories and characters as I start to majorly build what makes truly makes the story and the realm that it exists in. It’s an extensive project but I am too determined to finish it. I feel like the story in some ways is driving me crazy to be told.

I will be giving more looks into this as time goes on. This is just the first glimpse into a fantasy tale all my own. I am sharing the very opening lines of the entire series. I have tweaked and tweaked these over the years to the point that I am finally happy with them. I am usually nervous to share things like this but it is time I finally bite the bullet. I have no idea as to a title for the series yet, but my plan is to release the first book by the end of 2017.

So here is the first glimpse into my in development fantasy series:

The legends of this land speak of a great war long ago. A war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands. Few people know what really happened all those years ago but more than legend has been passed down, one to another, in my family. To tell the story, I must take you back to the day the darkness fell upon these lands. The day the dawn fell and the shadows grew, leaving a looming darkness.

firstlookadI would love to hear any feedback about this opening piece. Welcome to your first glimpse of the world of Ilysia. This is the world I will be taking you to once the first book is complete. There will be more shares to come as I continue to write and develop this series of books. That is a promise.


*artwork courtesy of Le Fey Designs

Upcoming Kindle Deals and More!

It’s April which means it is National Poetry Monthnapo2016button1 I am challenging myself to complete each daily poetry writing prompt again this year, just as I did last year. I will be updating my website to display my writings from 2015 and 2016’s NaPoWriMo sometime soon. Why do I always do these prompts? I find it a challenge to write poetry in new forms about subjects that are out of my norm. It is a way for me to get out of my own box and into a new real where my writing is concerned. I think it’s something all writers should think about doing for the challenge of doing things out of their own norm.

I’ll be doing some upcoming Kindle Countdown Deals on both of my poetry collections. I’m looking forward to offering them to new readers and a REDUCED PRICE. I’ve done this deal for Behind the Mask before as well as doing FREE promotions for both it and Phoenix from the Ashes. Check out the details below because you don’t want to miss out on this!

behindthemaskfrontcoverminiBehind the Mask Kindle Countdown Deal:

  • May 26, 2016 at 8:00am PST: $0.99
  • May 28, 2016 at 8:00am PST: $1.99
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phoenixfromtheashesfrontcoverfinalminiPhoenix from the Ashes Kindle Countdown Deal:

  • May 4, 2016 at 8:00am PST: $0.99
  • May 7, 2016 at 4:00am PST: $1.99
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passionofthedragonsagaRayna and I have posted an update on the website for The Passion of the Dragon Saga on its website that includes information about a FREE upcoming Kindle promotion for Hearts on Fire and an upcoming Kindle Countdown Deal for Love in Flames. Check it out here!

I’ve also been doing some more developmental work on the fantasy series I’ve discussed on here previously. I’ve been able to write out all the basic details for the different species of people that will live in this world I’m creating. Right now I’m focusing on major development of the main characters as well as the history of this world. I’m not quite ready to share more than that yet but one day in the (hopefully near) future I plan on sharing this series with the world.

Until next time I’m off to the world of writing!