The Elements of Ilysia Series

The Elements of Ilysia is a YA Epic/Dark Fantasy series that takes place in the new worlds of Ilysia and Corinthia. I began working on this idea when I was fifteen. There is magic, supernatural races, prophecy, war, and much more! The first book, A Darkness Awakens, was just released at the end of February 2018 with Book Two, The Prophecy Unveiled, in development!

First look

The opening lines

About the Series

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy/YA Epic Fantasy

Books in the Series

  • A Darkness Awakens (The Elements of Ilysia: Volume One), YA Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Epic Fantasy (Released February 27, 2018 for Kindle & March 1, 2018 for Paperback)
  • The Prophecy Unveiled (The Elements of Ilysia: Volume Two), YA Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Epic Fantasy (Release date to be announced by Fall 2018)
  • To be announced