A Darkness Awakens

The legends of this land speak of the great war long ago, the war for the freedom of the Ilysian races against oppression from the shadows that long plagued the lands.

Ilysia, a land of mysticism and magic, was swept into turmoil a thousand years ago when the Dark Empress, in a bold move, expanded her rule from the Kingdom of Dark Fae to encompass all of Ilysia. The Empress was faced with opposition from a coalition of races: Humans, White Fae, White Witches and Elves. Together, they were able to prevent her taking the entirety of their lands, saving nearly half from her evil clutches.

The unrest in Ilysia lead many to flee their homes and go in search of a land free from the Empress’s taint. This land became known as Corinthia, and it was peopled by races far advanced from their own and full of wonders they had never dreamed could exist. The one thing that Corinthia lacked was magic, save for that which the Ilysians brought with them. They guarded their magic, beliefs and traditions, passing them down from generation to generation, so that when it was needed once more, they would be prepared.

The legends also tell stories of the Heir, Chosen One, and leader that was born to either save or destroy us all.

Seventeen-year-old Addí was born with a destiny and the ability to control all five magical elements. Centuries before her birth, it was prophesied that she would be born with the power to decide the fate of Ilysia and all of its people, with one important distinction: Her power can be used to lead either side, and it is for her to decide which path she will choose to tread.

In Ilysia, the Dark Empress gathers her forces for a final stand while the White Fae search for Princess Kélinae, the missing heir to the White Fae Throne. In Corinthia, the young train to fight in a war that they have always known would come. Both sides will experience betrayal as the new generation fighting over their ancestral homeland find themselves evaluating the truth behind good and evil, the fine line that divides them, and whether or not this war is really theirs to fight.

The line between those loyal to the Empress and those loyal to the Resistance has been drawn, and the fate of the world is in the hands of one seventeen-year-old girl.

Release date: February 27, 2018 for Kindle and March 1, 2018 for Paperback

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy/YA Epic Fantasy

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