Character Aesthetics

I’ve recently started making character aesthetics to give a little more insight and visual to this world.

Empress Léla II

Queen of the Dark Fae and Empress of Ilysia

It was her ancestor that first declared this title. She is the current Empress in my Elements of Ilysia series. She’s dark, dangerous, beautiful, and powerful. Her powers are in the element of light. She seeks the prophesied girl so that she can cement her rule and that if her descendants for all time. She also knows she can’t fully rule the land without this girl’s help. There has been rebellion against the Empress from the start. She’s running out of what little patience she has with her rivals and is not one to ever cross. 




Queen Résalyn

Queen of the White Fae

Queen Résalyn is very much the opposite of the Empress. She is a Queen with a heart for her family and her people. She seeks peace and an end to the darkness in Ilysia. Her power is in the element of air and she’s a close ally of the Ilysian Resistance forces in Corinthia. She’s the mother of Princess Kélinae, Princess Janélyn, and Prince Ívyn. Her eldest daughter and heir was born from a relationship with witch John Daesyn. Princess Kélinae left the White Fae court seventeen years ago with the children she shares with William, the newly crowned King of the Human monarchy. She knows her grandchildren were taken to safety but her daughter’s whereabouts is unknown. Résalyn is resolute, strong, wise, and nurturing. She is prepared to do what is necessary as a leader in the coming war. 


Princess Kélinae

Heir to the White Fae Throne

She is the eldest daughter and heir of Queen Résalyn. Kélinae’s father is a witch named John Daesyn, her mother’s former lover, making her half-Fae and half-witch. She’s the older half-sister of her mother’s children from her marriage, Princess Janélyn and Prince Ívyn. Her witch heritage caused her to mature faster than a full blooded Fae reaching full maturity by her seventeenth birthday. That’s the day she met William Callaís-Devinsbourgh, the Crown Prince of the Human Monarchy, who has only a few years ago been crowned King William IV. She and William quickly fell deeply in love with each other despite a match between them being seen as for by his own Court and Council. They attempted to fight their feelings for each other for nearly a year before they could no longer resist them. Their love was accepted by the Fae Court and they kept their relationship there yet secret from the Court of William’s father, King Henry III. Kélinae gave birth to their son, Rovén, nine months after they stopped trying to deny what was truly between them. Sixteen months later, Kélinae gave birth to their daughter, Sínead. William was still at his father’s court preparing to return to her and their children when she disappeared with their young son and newborn daughter. She took her children to Corinthia and gave them to an Ilysian family with her father’s help and disappeared from the world to protect them from the Empress. 

King William IV

King of the Humans and White Witches

William was crowned King nearly seven years ago after the death of his father, King Henry III. The members of the royal family haven’t been completely human since the monarchy was established by King Peter I due to intermarrying with Fae, Witches, and Elves giving them all the ability to use magic that a full blooded human does not have. He was nearly seventeen the first time he traveled to the White Fae Court and met Princess Kélinae. He knew he would never be allowed to marry her so he tried to fight against what he quickly felt for her. After nearly a year of trying to act as if the love he felt for her didn’t exist, he gave into his heart. Kélinae gave birth to their son Rovén nine months later and a daughter Sínead followed just sixteen months after their son. Just before he left to join his love for the coming birth of their daughter, he declared the truth of his heart to his father and vowed he would marry no one but her. When he arrived at the White Fae Court to find her and their children gone, he was heartbroken. His heart hasn’t healed and he has tried his best to search for Kélinae and their two children. He is a just and fair ruler with the wisdom to listen to his advisors before making a decision that would affect the fate of his people. However, the loss of the woman he loves and his children has also made him cold, stern, and stubborn as he has grieved them for the past seventeen years still refusing to marry.

Kélinae and William

Their love from Kélinae’s perspective

Their love that was forbidden by his Court was too strong for them to deny and produced two children. Shortly after their daughter’s birth, Kélinae took the children to Corinthia and left them with an Ilysian family. She then disappeared from the sight of nearly everyone. A heartbroken William had already vowed he would marry no one but her, his true love. She’s been gone from him for seventeen years, having only contact with her father who has heard nothing from her in nearly two years. William is her true love but her separation from him is the sacrifice she made to protect their children from the Empress.




William and Kélinae

Their love from William’s perspective

William knew when he fell in love with Kélinae that he would never be allowed to marry her. He was the Crown Prince of the Monarchy ruling the Humans and White Witches and she was the heir the the White Fae throne. He didn’t care. When he chose to act on his feelings and stop denying them, he knew he could never have another in his life. He loved her with every fiber of his being. He finally declared this to his father before going to be with her for the birth of their second child. He vowed then he would never marry unless he was marrying her. His heart broke when he arrived at the White Fae Court to find she had fled with both their young son and newborn daughter. He has grieved his love and their children for the past seventeen years. He is determined to be reunited with them and make her his Queen, regardless of what his council says. 


Zak Moore

Biological son of Princess Kélinae and King William IV, Adopted son of James and Katie Moore

Zak Moore was adopted, along with his newborn sister, when he was 17 months old by James and Katie Moore. He and his sister were taken to their adopted parents by John Daesyn, who did not reveal the identity of their biological parents or that he is their maternal grandfather. Born in Ilysia as Rovén, son of William and Kélinae, but raised in the very different world of Corinthia. His mother had taken him and his younger sister from Ilysia to protect them from the Empress. Zak is suspicious of the truth about being adopted and his sister being the one who truly needs protecting. He is someone who loves to laugh and is fiercely protective of his sister Addí. He is also a gifted swordsman whose power lies in the element of water. Zak is said to look very much like his biological father, William, did at 18, even having the exact same dark blue eyes.


Addí Moore

Biological daughter of Princess Kélinae and King William IV, Adopted daughter of James and Katie Moore

Addí Moore was adopted as a newborn, long with her older brother Zak. She had been born in Ilysia as Sínead, the daughter of William and Kélinae. The Oracles at the White Fae Court visited her mother shortly after her birth to say that this newborn girl was the prophesied one they had been waiting on. Desperate to protect her children, her mother took her from Ilysia to the world of Corinthia to keep her safe from the Empress. John Daesyn, her maternal grandfather, is who took Addí and Zak to James and Katie Moore, an Ilysian couple in Corinthia who adopted the children and raised them as their own. Addí has just recently turned 17 and has no idea about her destiny, adoption, or biological parents. She’s a kind hearted and loving young lady who does not believe she’s anything special. She’s also said to be the very image of her biological mother, Kélinae. 


RJ Adamsson

Only son of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson, co-leaders of the Ilysian Resistance Forces in Corinthia

RJ Adamsson is the eldest child and only son of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson. RJ was born In Berdenheim, Gemaronica, Corinthia and spent the majority of his first 18 years there. His parents are close friends with James and Katie Moore and also help to lead the Ilysian Resistance Forces. He grew up with Zak Moore as his best friend and fell in love with Zak’s sister Addí as they grew up. It’s because of Zak that he finally shared his feelings with her and their relationship became more than friendship. He is a fiercely protective friend and brother with a big heart. RJ is a very gifted archer and has been working hard to master his powers with the element of air. He believes strongly in the cause of the resistance and wants to see his true homeland free of the Empress so he and Addí can spend the rest of their lives in Ilysia together. 


Addí and RJ

Their love from Addí’s perspective

She grew up with RJ as one of her closest friends and love grew between them. Addí had always been too afraid to confess her love to RJ despite her adoptive mother and brother both trying to push her to admit it. Growing up knowing of her Ilysian heritage it did not surprise her when she began to see memories of a past life she had lived with him. After RJ came and declared his feelings to her, she finally admitted her own to him then shared what memories she had of their former life together. It was clear they had a strong bond of love from the start, one that will keep them closer than ever through triumph and tragedy. Their souls fit together at one, a bond that will hold them together for eternity. 




RJ and Addí

Their love from RJ’s perspective

RJ has never intended on falling in love with Addí. They grew up together and had always been close though his best friend had always been her brother Zak. It’s Zak that finally gets RJ to go to Addí and admit his feelings. When she returns them, it is the happiest moment of his life at that point. She even shares the memories she has seen of their previous life together and he goes that this one won’t end in tragedy as that one did. Their bond is more than love from the heart. They are connected at the soul. He would truly do anything for her and is her rock through the good and the bad.




Guinevére Adamsson

Eldest daughter of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson, co-leaders of the Ilysian Resistance Forces in Corinthia

Guinevére Adamsson is the eldest daughter and second child of Robert and Adelaide Adamsson. She has recently turned 16 and begun to train for war. Her earlier training had only been in mastering her powers and self defense. Now she’s being turned into a soldier like her older brother and their closest friends. She’s reluctant at first but things will change for her. Guinevére is fierce, strong, and passionate. She has already shown promise with not only a sword but as an archer. Her powers are centered around the element of fire and she can be just as fiery as the element she controls. She’s highly intelligent and still learning to transition into what she’s meant to be. There’s a lot she’s still unsure of but she’s very dependent on her older brother, RJ, for guidance even though she doesn’t want to admit that to him.