Ilysian Species

The magical and mystical land of Ilysia is home to Fae, Elves, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans. The Kingdom of the Fae has been divided for more than three thousand years into the Kingdom of the Dark Fae and the Kingdom of the White Fae just as the Witches have been split into Dark Witches and White Witches in a bitter war over the ethical boundaries of magic that lead to the creation of Vampires and Werewolves. The two newest species were the result of a curse twisted on Humans by Dark Fae and Dark Witches. Vampires only gain limited magical ability after drinking the blood of someone who is of one of the other magical species. Werewolves, however, have no magical abilities outside of shifting into wolf form. The Elves are considered the wisest race as the only true immortals in the land. They have also held a staunchly neutral policy when it comes to the affairs all across the lands. The Witches are ruled in two ways, by their own councils and a monarch with the Dark Witches answering to the Empress and the White Witches to the Human King. The Human King has not been completely human in centuries but instead a hybrid mix of Human, Fae, Witch, and Elf with his closest ally being the Queen of the White Fae. Pure blooded humans have no magical ability, while those that are hybrids with the other species of the land are gifted with magical abilities. All magical Ilysians have the ability to control and manipulate just one of the five elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Light) and very few have been gifted with power over multiple. The last two known Ilysians to be able to control all give of the elements were Queen Anna of the Human Court and Queen Maelyn of the White Fae. Queen Anna was a pure blooded witch who married King Henry I for love. She fled Pétríval Castle with their children at his insistence the day Ilysia fell to the Dark Empress. Queen Maelyn provided her and her children sanctuary at Ílkésarén Castle, the main home of the White Fae Court. Their friendship and alliance helped prevent the Empress from taking over all of the lands. It was less than a decade after Queen Maelyn’s death that the first Oracle told the prophecy of the chosen one. This would be a girl who would be a direct descendant of both legendary Queens with the power to control and manipulate all five of the elements. She would be a hybrid of Human, Witch, Fae, and Elf. It was nearly a thousand years after the first Dark Empress rose to power before she was born.

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