Countess Mélíava Dávían Eríkassén

Elves are the only truly immortal species in Ilysia and also considered the wisest of all Ilysians. Their society is also the most closed off from the rest of Ilysia. Elves had always been the isolationist type becoming more so at the rise of the Dark Empress. The King has staunchly decided to remain neutral but those that are resisting the Empress are hoping that he does change his mind. Historically they have never involved themselves in the political affairs of Ilysia always believing themselves to be neutral advisors. They are peacekeepers that have served as the guardians of the Ilysian world since its beginning.

Elves are as beautiful as they are wise, though considered the second most alluring in all of Ilysia behind the Fae. They do not hit adolescence until their early twenties, aging much slower than Humans. They reach full maturity in their fifties when they stop aging, with many Elves appearing between twenty-five to thirty-five Human years.

Due to their immortality they are not in a hurry to fall in love and have families. They are considered to be the most patient of all Ilysian species. The only Elves that find themselves quickly moving into marriage and having children are those that fall in love with a Human, Witch, or Fae. Other than those instances, they typically take relationships slowly since they have eternity together, as well as being able to reproduce for several thousand years. They are only sexual when in love and never have casual partners. The pleasures of the body are only for two people in love for the purpose of procreation or pleasure in the Elven culture. There are some Elves who choose lives of solitude to serve their people and the land of Ilysia. These live their lives as warriors, diplomats, oracles, protectorates, and ambassadors. They are allowed to have families but many choose to forego them as they feel they will better serve as solitary Elves.

Elves are considered the wisest species as they are very focused on knowledge and known for taking the time to study things fully. They do not rush into things and believe that knowledge and answers come with time. Elves, also, have a firm belief in careful planning and are typically the most rational of Ilysian beings in all situations. Their advice is sought by many and their wisdom is highly respected.

Elves have a military but its purpose is for defense of their own people and borders. Their warriors are known for being graceful and stealthy, as well as being the best snipers. However, even though they are immortal they are not invincible. Elves can be killed. The toxins released in a Werewolf bite are almost instantly fatal, and their blood is one of a vampire’s favorites, as its taste is comparable to fine wine. These two things alone make them

Book cover showing the first Empress Víkatréa

very vulnerable. Death will also find an Elf when it has been stabbed or hit with an arrow in a vulnerable area of the body. While they are resistant to most disease, there are few in existence that can eventually lead to their end.

Elves are tall with fair skin, high cheekbones and light-colored eyes that are either blue, green, or grey. They have a similarly almond shaped eye to the Fae and small to medium sized noses. Their ears have a tall, distinctive point to their ears that will always identify them as an Elf. They either have very fair or very dark hair, with no shade in between if they are pure blooded. As Fae hair tends to fall more in waves and curls, Elven hair tends to fall straight with very little to no wave in it at all.

Elves are a very powerful, magical Ilysian species. They consider their immortality a gift and use it to spread knowledge of all things. Their magic can also be used to forsake their immortality should they fall in love with a non-immortal. As they have always remained neutral, it is unknown whether or not they will truly join in the coming war or not, though there are many on the side of the Resistance working to convince their King to join the alliance they have formed with the White Fae Queen and Human King.

The top photo is concept art by Le Fey Designs of: Countess Mélíava Dávían Eríkassén is the niece of King Roánív and Queen Áshíya Víanlóv. She is the daughter of the King’s sister Princess Létya and her husband Prince Doríano Eríkassén, as well as the granddaughter of the former King Ianí and his Queen Célísha. She serves as the Protector of Knowledge at the Elven Oracle Temple, the youngest to ever be awarded the position.

The bottom photo is the cover art by Le Fey Designs. This portrays the first Dark Empress Víkatréa, the Queen of the Dark Fae that declared herself Empress of all Ilysia nearly a thousand years before the events of the first book.