The Worlds


Ilysia is a mystical and magical world that fell into turmoil almost a thousand years ago when a Dark Empress declared that she was now to rule all of Ilysia instead of just the Kingdom of the Dark Fae. The Empress was met with opposition from the leaders of the Humans, White Fae, White Witches, and Elves who were able to prevent her from taking control of little more than half the lands. This unrest lead many Ilysians to flee their homes for a world much different than their own. This world they came to know as Corinthia was modern and filled with technology Ilysians did not know could exist. However, the only magic in this new land was what they brought with them from Ilysia, as they held onto the beliefs and traditions of their home world and passed them down through the generations. For five hundred years, Corinthia became their refuge while they all awaited the day they could return and fight to over through the Empress so Ilysia could have peace again. A prophecy was told by Oracles all over Ilysia that one day a girl would be born with extraordinary power and descend from the greatest bloodlines in the land. She would be the one to lead the people to either their freedom or their doom.

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Corinthia is a bustling, modern world that like any other is filled with the civil and political disputes of its many nations. Gemaronica, the largest country in Corinthia, is head of the Union of Free Nations while its biggest rival and neighbor, Rutania, presides over the Proletariat Alliance. Few nations maintain neutrality as most of them belong to one of these rival organizations. However, Corinthia has been home to much more as over the past five centuries refuges from a very different world have come there to escape the terrible and growing power of a Dark Empress. This land is Ilysia, a beautiful and magical land without any of the technology found in Corinthia that is home to more than just Humans but Fae, Witches, Elves, Vampires and Werewolves as well. The magic in this land only exists in Corinthia through the refugees that came from Ilysia and their descendants.

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