Poetry Collections

Poetry has been my version of self-therapy ever since I was a teenager. In many ways poetry saved my life in my darkest moments. I still turn to it to help me process every emotion, no matter how easy or how difficult. I began to release collections of my work with Behind the Mask on February 15, 2015. I released my second poetry collection Phoenix from the Ashes on November 12, 2015. If I have one hope for my work, it’s that it helps someone else the way writing it, as well as reading other poetry, helped me.

Behind the Mask: A Collection of Poetry

behindthemaskfrontcoverminiBehind the Mask is the first professional publication by writer Helena Lancaster. It contains seventy-five of her poems split into four sections: Nightmares and Solitude, Faces in the Mirror, Haunted Memories, and Circus of Life. Helena has been writing since she was a child, using poetry as a way to deal with the pain of difficulties in life. Her poetry captivates and touches the soul of anyone who has ever felt like they were alone in the dark.

“Helena Lancaster’s deeply emotional poetry shows the world a peek inside the soul of someone who has felt like an outsider, battled emotional abuse, and depression. These poems are an ode to days past for her, the physical remnants of where she has been. She sees herself as a survivor of some very painful events in life and just hopes that her words can help others know that in their darkest moments they’re not alone.”

“Like spiders laying in wait for their prey, the anxieties of daily life seem to lay dormant to attack us when we’re most vulnerable. What’s wrong with me? Will anyone love me? Why doesn’t anyone care? Helena Lancaster takes these fears and turns them into a lyrical rumination. These haunting poems evoke a hero of the Byronic persuasion and female to boot!” – Erica Dawn

Phoenix from the Ashes: Poetry from Personal Struggle, Rebirth, and Triumph


Delving into the depths of her own experience with depression, Helena Lancaster has put together her second collection of poetry to shed more light on the struggle with one’s inner demons. Phoenix from the Ashes takes you on a journey into the heart of the internal war as Lancaster chronicles her personal fight through the darkness to find hope. She shows through her poetry that anyone can, like a phoenix, be reborn into a world of optimism, positivity, and faith despite their past.


The wonderful artwork for my poetry collections was created by Le Fey Designs.

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