Behind the Mask Preview

Behind the Mask

A Collection of Poetry

Helena Lancaster


Copyright 2015 by Helena Lancaster

Published 2015 by KCL Publishing

Please do not reprint or copy without express permission of the author.

All rights reserved.


Preview Poems

From Nightmares and Solitude


World of Nightmares

I’ve drowned you in tears

I’ve killed you with my own desires

You think I don’t care

But the truth is

You don’t know my passion


Life to me is a playground

A world of incessant nightmares

But when I lay down to dream

I live in my own true happiness


Coloring my world

Designing is my game

Living like an artist

Painting with my mind


But then when I wake

Everything has changed

I live somewhere I don’t belong

Somewhere I long to escape


From Faces in the Mirror


Look in my eyes

See all of me

Why disguise

All I can be

Don’t tell me lies

I want to see


The world over my shoulder

Sunsets on a western beach

My body gets colder

When you get out of reach

This life’s getting older

Nothing’s left to teach


Where is my mind

Lost in the rain

I’m out of time

Searching for my dream

You took my life

With nothing to gain


Gaze in the mirror

Find what’s inside

Take a step nearer

To what you’re trying to hide

See it clearer

Leave the lie behind


Explore the stars

See the wonder

Let me know where you are

Feel the thunder

When you go too far

Go under


Lose your mind

Dance in the rain

Run out of time

Finding your dream

I gave you my life

With everything to gain


Together we’re found

Lost in our thoughts

Not a sound

Without a wrought

Coming around

All is lost


Out at sea

In the cave

Here with me

You are safe

We are free

From the name


Without a mind

Out in the rain

Ran out of time

Looking for a dream

We gave life

With all to gain


From Haunted Memories

Scattered Pieces

There isn’t much left

When I feel ripped apart

From the inside out

I don’t think my heart

Can take much more

It’s so dark

And it hurts so much

And all the pieces are scattered

So far away

I can’t find them

With no light

How do I pick them up

And put me together again

It’s not that

To pick up and move on

I can’t always push it away

Or super glue myself back together

Everything takes time

And even I need mine

Just don’t abandon me

While I’m in for repairs

I don’t want to return

To just be alone

So give me time

To fix the pieces

And come back to the light


From Circus of Life

Knife of Treason

Cut the silence

With a knife

Slice your words

With it

I’m sick of it

Stabbing me in the back

Every time I turn around


Find a new game

A new toy

Some new prey

I won’t be pushed around


I’m no idiot

And I’m tired of lies

Actions talk

And they have already spoken

You can plea your case

But I’ve already sent

Out the jury


There’s no need

To keep up this circus

We already know

You cast me as the clown

I’ve turned in the red nose

You won’t use me



The advantage has been taken of

It’s over

I’m done

You’ve been found guilty

And treason always

Carries a high price


How about I

Return the knife

You put in my back

By mail

Through your heart

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